Kiswahili Italiano

Den Haag (Nederland), (1)/2/3 November 2013




Klubo Internacia de Bao Amantoj

organise the sixth international tournament of


The tournament is open to experts and beginners

NBG (Nederlands Baogenootschap) and KIBA (Klubo internacia de Bao-amantoj) invites you to grasp this opportunity to play Bao la Kiswahili outside East Africa!

Participation in this event doesn't require any membership and players will be grouped according to their fani (skill). So even if you are a beginner please don't miss this chance to meet other friendly players and enjoy the very pleasant atmosphere of the game event at Societeit Theseion in Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands. Visit the KIBA page if you want to play online and to practise.

Event Date:

November 2nd-3rd, 2013.


Societeit Theseion Bierkade 13,
Den Haag (The Hague),
The Netherlands

Entry Fee:

Not decided yet.

Perhaps there will be a fee which will cover the costs of lunch on both days, some drinks and prizes. This would be somewhere in the 15 euro region.

Entry Deadline:

There isn't any deadline, but we invite you to let us know if you'll take part to the tournament as soon as possible in order to plan the calendar in advance.

If you like to pre-register please write to one of the following: Mr Kronenburg, N.B.G., K.I.B.A.

Tournament Format:

Rounds will be a maximum length of 90 minutes.

The Tournament will be run in a multi-round format, depending on number of entrants. Maximum number of rounds is ten.

Players will be matched by rank according to the Swiss System.

Games in each round will run concurrently.

Provisional Calendar.

Friday Night, November 1st

Optional: cocktails at Van Kleef, Historic Jenever Museum. A wide range of Jenevers, Gins, Vodka and sweet 'likeurs' there is something there for everyone!

Afterwards: Optional walk through historic The Hague by your special Tour guide (Mr Kronenburg). It's even better by night, because all the important buildings are lit up. Tour ends around 21h30 or earlier if cold!

Saturday November 2nd

08.00am-09.00am  Grocery shopping for lunch and snacks during tournament.
09.00am-10.00am  Setting up location, tables, scorecards.
10.00am-10.30am  First contestants arrive
10.30am  Official opening of tournament.
11:00am-12:00am  Playing
12:30am-02:00pm  Lunch break.
We will make sure there is something to eat for everyone. Including some soup, and or other hot snack. Warm snacks will be provided in the afternoon.
02:00pm-05:00pm  Playing
05:00pm-07:00pm  Free time.
07:00pm-07:30pm  Players and companion dinner in a nice reasonably priced restaurant.

Sunday November 3rd
10:00am-12:30am  Playing
12:30am-02:00pm  Lunch break.
02:00pm-03:00pm  Playing
03:00am-04:00pm  Final


Players who have questions about the Bao la Kiswahili game, or the KIBA organization, should email to Mr Kronenburg or to N.B.G. or to K.I.B.A..


The Hague has a great diversity of hotels and venues.
Quite close to the venue are a number of different options we might recommend.
If someone wants to have a personalized advice, you can always contact Mr Kronenburg.
Youth Hostel Stay okay: cheap and close (less then 500m) not the best neighbourhood.

Stayokay Den Haag
Scheepmakersstraat 27
2515 VA Den Haag
070 315 7888

A number of other interesting ones are:

How to reach The Hague:

The Hague can be easily reached by train from the Airports of Amsterdam, Brussels, Rotterdam.
Flights to Schiphol (Amsterdam) go from all major airports and many minor ones too.
If you arrive early or depart a couple days after the tournament, the organisation will gladly assist in seeking out some of the Netherlands' finer tourist attractions.

Netherlands Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)

Bao tournament rules

You can play Bao on the site